Đánh máy thuê 24h


Mr. Johnson was rich old man. He lived in a beautiful house in the country with lots of servants, but his wife was dead, and he did not have any children.
Then he died suddenly, and people said, “His servants killed him, because they wanted his money”.
But the servants said, “No, he killed himself. The police came and asked the servants a lot of questions, and after a few weeks, there was a big trial. There were two famous lawyers and several important witnesses.
“Tell me”, one of the lawyers said to a witness one day, “did Mr. Johnson often talk to himself when he was alone?”.
“I don’t know?”, the lawyer repeated angrily. “You don’t know? But you were his best friend, weren’t you? Why don’t you know?”.
“Because I was never with him when he was alone”, the witness answered.